Sunday, February 5, 2012


Well I'm 30 years old today -- and honestly, I don't feel like it. Shit, I don't even feel like an adult yet let alone 30 freaking years old.

Had two parties -- one at 4pm yesterday and then an "after" party for the Rocky Horror gang. I must admit I was slightly bummed. I bought SO much and spent a pretty penny on food and drink (including a keg of Woodchuck hard cider) and I think maybe 10 people showed up to the 4pm party and about 15 to the after Rocky party.

I invited roughly 60. I didn't plan food for that many people but at least 35 because I had 25 people who confirmed they'd come to the parties. For whatever reason just a lot of people weren't able to make it...But it wasn't such a bust I guess. Way better than the Halloween party in 8th grade -- only two people showed up.

So all in all I guess it was a success :) lol and I have TONS of taco meat and taco supplies for the future...