Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Party!

Well I'm about to get ready and go shopping...For my birthday party!

I've been collecting my coupons but I haven't needed anything -- even to stock up on and there have been no "freebies" so no cherry picking either, as it were.

My birthday is on Saturday and I'm turning the magical age of 30 years old. I SURE don't feel like it. Forever young and all that rot. I think when I turn 40, I'll turn back to being goth. Yeah, that'll show the world! lol

Anyhoo. Yes. I'm going to be searching for ground beef at reasonable prices, preferably 90%+ because I'm having a freaking taco bar for my party! Whoo!

Edited to add: I'm glad I mentioned "coupons" because it made me think of Register Rewards I had previously gotten from Walgreens. They expire today! Glad I'll be able to use them, I have $9.50 in RR's XD

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