Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paleo (on a Budget)

So it had been at least a very since I posted to my livejournal account, which I've had for many years under one name or another. It was nice knowing that some of the people I had "friended" were still around. I've been an avid user of the internet, even before it was the internet (bulletin boards surfing while under 10 years old, haha!).

Anyhoo, this Coupon Ninja still hasn't bought much lately. This enabled me to have enough money to get -- dun dun dun! -- the iPhone 4! I actually wanted to hold out until the iPhone 5 came out because I had an available "upgrade" but my old iPhone 3 starting acting funny as well as not wanting to turn off via the power button on top. So anyways it was a great excuse to get a new phone and it only cost me a new contract with AT&T and $199.

Also, trying to figure out a weekly menu plan for our Paleo diet. I want to go about 90-100% Paleo for an entire week and see what happens, but I also don't want to pay a boat-load of money to do so either. My other problem is, while there are many sites which give "paleo recipes" they don't have a menu or eating plan for a week or two. Or they do, but they are a "pay" site. And there's my problem - I want someone else to show me what exactly they ate to lose weight. But it's like, no one wants to share at all! Seems like all they say is "Oh you need to let your body figure it out for itself, maaaan." Right.

Grass-fed beef and organic veggies are spectacular but a lot of people wouldn't be able to afford such luxeries and quite honestly, if I really wanted to go out of my way to get such things I'd visit a Farmer's market which I am just too tired to do today. However I am calling off of work on Saturday (unrelated to the post, but I am so tired of working nearly 22 to 24 hours STRAIGHT on the train, I need more time off!) so maybe there will be some going on on Saturday.

Hopefully going to post my Paleo menu plan today. I had listed items I wanted to purchase yesterday based on sales at places like Aldi's, Jewel, Stracks, Food4Less, etc but now it is Thursday and the new sales week for all the stores XD


  1. LOL! I looked up the Paleo diet but was hit with the realization that I don't have enough discipline for it... So back to spaghetti-o's I go.. Sucks no one will share all their tips with you, unlike couponing lol.

    My couponing has spiralled practically out of control, I'm buying toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, et cetera... thinking about stockpiling on some canned pasta stuff tomorrow. Glad to hear you'll be taking a personal day, my hours have been cut drastically, albeit temporarily, because I've been working too much and they can't afford to promote me to the next pay level.. Lol.

  2. NINJA! It is my pleasure to announce my own Brother from another mother! I finally gave in and bought the same laser printer from Office Depot(It was a good sale) but forgot my coupon for 10 dollars off any 50+ dollar purchase... I am still kicking myself in the BUTT for it.